Hello there Kabayan!

Let me introduce myself first.

I am Raymond Nicolas. A Civil Engineer by profession. But financial literacy, stock market investing and online entrepreneurship are some of my PASSIONS.

That is why I put up this website so that I can share my gifts and knowledge to the world – especially to Pinoy young professionals and OFWs like me who want to experience time and financial freedom.


I came from an ordinary Filipino middle class family. Both my parents are working so that they can provide a good life for me and my sister. We went to nice schools, were able to eat three times a day and were able to afford some good things in life.

Like most typical Pinoys, I was born and raised to become an employee.

When I started working in 2007, that was the same time I began my financial education when a college friend recommended to me the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

After reading that book, it’s as if something “ignited” my desire to learn more about financial literacy and abundance. I knew from then on that I don’t want to be trapped forever in the corporate world or the “rat race”. I wanted to experience time and financial freedom.

But I also need to be practical. I just graduated and I needed a job to support my needs.

Starting the corporate life

I was hired immediately after I took the Board Exams in a company located somewhere in Ortigas. However, after just 6 months of work, I felt burned out already.

In 2008 to 2009, I was at the loneliest years of my corporate life. I transferred work at this time. It was a real estate company but our project was located somewhere in the province. My biggest burden was my officemates.

Their vices were out of control. They would drink almost every night and gamble their money. Worst part is they talk behind my back. Literally, those years were like hell for me.

But I did not give in to their ways. I started building up my portfolio by saving my salary and putting it into insurance. I knew I had to because I needed some protection.

Going into business

It was in 2010 when I was invited into a business opportunity – a multi-level marketing business. Or better known as network marketing. In even simpler Pinoy terms, NETWORKING.

Many people I know don’t like this type of business. But I joined because I knew the owner – he was my classmate during our Board Exam review.

For the next three years, I stayed with the company. Their growth was unbelievable. In a span of 4 years, they have produced 30 plus millionaires already.

However, I was not happy during those times. I was struggling more than earning. I wasn’t living my passion. In short, I did not earn the income that I desired.

It was a painful decision to leave but I learned so much from the trainings and seminars the company gave us. The lessons that I learned from those trainings and seminars, I still carry with me today.

Later on, I discovered that it is not just enough to go into a business. You have got to find your PASSION and CORE GIFT and build a business around them.

Investing in the stock market

And then it was in 2013 when I decided I had to do something about my finances. I started investing in the stock market.

It wasn’t easy at first because I didn’t know anything about it. All the terms were alien to me.

But thanks with the help and guidance of mentors, I am now on the way to making my first million through the stock market.

I also embarked on the road again to making my passions my dream business.

Today, I am still full-time employed as an engineer in Manila. It is in my part-time that I share my advocacy of teaching financial literacy, stock market investing and online entrepreneurship to fellow Pinoy yuppies and OFWs so that they too can start saving, investing and earning passive income on the side.

My goal is that for all of us to experience time and financial freedom doing the things that we love to do with our families and loved ones – one step at a time.


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May God continue to bless you more!